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White Sage Torch | 2.5-3 Inch Smudge Bundle

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Promotes Clean Skin WIthout Drying

All Skin Types

For Morning or Evening Skincare Routine

Angels and Sages Sacred Home Burn White Sage white sage angels and sages
These  white sage bundles are pure perfection.

SCENT: Sweet | Fresh | Cedar

White sage is an amazing tool for cleansing home and office spaces and was originally used by Native American tribes as a ceremony opener to call in the good spirits, resulting in truly uplifting and positive energy after burning. Most ceremonies were then closed with dark sage.

These mini white sage bundles are perfect for smudging ceremonies and/or prayer. Crafted from fresh dried California White Sage-- they burn easily and smell, look and feel great. These are also a great favor for a special event.

The perfect size for a small to medium size home smudging ceremony, daily smudging prior to yoga or meditation--or just those moments when you need to invite in some positive vibes.


One 3 in. long mini white sage torch. Will be shipped in a sealed bag to keep it as fresh as possible and then placed in a hand stamped muslin bag for storage or gift giving.

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