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Angels and Sages

Positive Vibes | Smudge Candle To Clear Negative Energy

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Negative energy may not stay. Light this smudging candle to release it and send it on its way.

You'll love the aroma of cedar and sage, as well as the pieces of fresh white sage that are added to the soy wax to infuse pure plant magic and intention throughout your candle and into your space.

SCENT: Cedar, Sage, Palo Santo

Burn Time: 80 hours


This white sage candle is a favorite of mine, with a permanent spot in my kitchen as a tool of intention because that is where everyone gathers to talk and linger. It has also become part of my house smudging and cleansing ceremony.

I loved the aroma and energy of this candle so much, that it was the first travel candle I made-- just for hotel rooms when I travel. There is something magical about infusing an unfamiliar space with your intention of peace, love and light through the perfectly golden glow of a candle. 


Prior to shipping, each candle goes through a prayer ceremony in our healing room to seal in the intention as you begin your journey with your candle. 

A clear quartz has been added to amplify intention. It's easy to keep and clean the soy off your gemstones. The intention has been set, so they will continue to work for you long after your candle is gone.

**If you have a more specific intention that you want to manifest--take a small piece of paper and write your intention on the paper and then place it under the candle while it burns.**

Never leave candles unattended while burning.


Ingredients: Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, 70% Essential Oils  of Sage, Cedar and Palo Santo, 30% Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils, Clear Quartz Healing Gemstone, Sage Leaves

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