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PALO SANTO BUNDLE | Sacred Wood Incense

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Palo Santo has been used by mystics and sages for centuries to provide energetic protection, remove bad energy, uplift the spirit and allow blessings and good energy to flow.

I use Palo Santo Sticks prior to meditation, to cleanse crystals and gemstones, and to purify the energy and air of my healing rooms.

When used as aromatherapy the scent of Palo Santo can help relieve stress, anxiety, and uplift your mood.


Earthy | Woody | Pine | Citrus

Palo Santo is a tree related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. In Spanish, the name means “Holy Wood". It is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon. When burned. It's an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

The perfect housewarming gift, or gift for yourself.


We stood in the desert, surrounded by painted mountains and energy vortexes.

A place where woo-woo is the norm. In a circle, hands clasped.

The opening ceremony for a week-long meditation intensive.

People assembled from all walks of life: doctors, professional athletes, yogis, you name it--12 people with the goal of becoming teachers for peace.

The Shaman lit a small piece of wood and began a prayer. The wind blew, and I caught the scent almost immediately. She began moving around our circle, stopping at each person with the smoldering wood and an adorned feather-- guiding the smoke along the length our bodies. Clearing away any negative energy and preparing the space for blessings.

Sweet and Earthy. Peaceful. I felt wrapped in love and wonder. Hopeful.


Angels & Sages carries only ethically sourced Palo Santo, so you can purchase with confidence.

Each stick can be used multiple times.

This listing is for a bundle of 3 reusable Palo Santo Sticks shipped in a hand stamped muslin bag.


Use a candle, match or lighter to ignite one end of a stick of Palo Santo. Hold at about a 45-degree angle pointing the tip down toward the flame. Allow it to burn for about 30 secs to 1 minute and then blow out. Move about your body to clear your personal energy field, work area, home, car, bathroom or anywhere you would like to clear the energy.

Our Palo Santo is sustainably wild harvested from a reserve in Ecuador from naturally fallen trees and branches that lie dead for 4-10 yrs. before they are harvested. We sell it by the number of sticks. Each stick is approximately 4 in. long and 1/4 to 1/2 in. diameter.

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