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"Mint Tea is a staple at the Angels and Sages Spa. While we rotate out our other blends, this one just speaks to everyone. I love it when someone gets a cup and tells me they look forward to returning becasue of this small ritual." - Dena B.

Mint Tea | Calming & Uplifting

AROMA | Uplifting, Minty

BEST SUITED FOR | Everyone. Pregnancy Safe.

 Mint Tea is unique in that its herbal mechanism on the body is both uplifting and stress reducing.

A simple herbal tea, drawn from organically grown peppermint leaves. Its fragrant aroma and distinctly warm flavor provide a comfort and relaxation that is perfect for winding down after a long day.

Served hot or iced, mint tea and Its array of health benefits make it an excellent addition to any day.

Tea is easy to make, and loose leaf tea is 100% better than bagged (in our opinion) because you get full flavor profiles -- and you can get more than one cup out of each serving. This is better over all option for both your pallet and your wallet.

If you're looking for a signature "thing" as a host or hostess, we recommend having some mint tea on hand for your guests. 


Ingredients: Mint Leaves

Size: 2 Ounce Pouch

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How To Make MInt Tea

Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes. Strain and enjoy hot or iced.

Sweeten and flavor to taste.

If you like honey or sugar we encourage you to place it in a bit of warm tea to let it dissolve if you're making iced tea. Then pour over ice.

Ingredient List

Pure Peppermint Leaves, Imported from Artesian Farms for freshness and quality.

An Uplifting Tea For Connection

The sun hung low in the afternoon sky with warmth on their backs.  They sat with sweet kisses of an early spring's breeze.

Together, they sat -- simply sipping mint herbal tea from mismatched mugs, smiling in delight as the flavors blended together in a delicious concoction.

In that moment, the tea was their connection. No words were need. 

Thus is the ages old Universal magic of mint tea and friends -- a warm golden thread of connection spanning cities, cultures, continents across centuries.