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Love Heart Chakra Perfume

AROMA | Floral, Rose & Gardenia

EVOKE | Self-Love, Compassion & Friendship

The ultimate magical perfume blend for love and attraction. A modern twist on an old Southern love spell rumored to work every time.

Crafted to help open and activate the heart chakra to open your potential for more love, self-love, compassion and friendship.

This is an oil based heart chakra perfume, with a spirit lifting blend of romantic floral essential oils and fragrances including: Neroli, Shea, Rose & Gardenia in a natural coconut carrier oil. This oil blend sits for a full moon cycle being charged with Rose Quartz (the stone of love) increase the vibration of the potion.


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How To Use

It's important that you add your energetic intent of love to the bottle to make it specifically yours. Before the first use, hold the bottle in your hands and concentrate all of your intended outcome into the oil.

An affirmation may help: I am worthy of love, peace and joy.

Concentrate on your intention until you feel a charge, or an energetic shift. Visualize your desire as already happening. It's here. Present. Now.

Remember your intention and visualization each time you use this oil.


Pop off the ball roller top, and pour a bit of oil into a bath for a heart chakra opening bath experience.

Full Ingredient List

Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils, Rose Flower, Rose Quartz

Heart Chakra Perfume Heart Chakra Perfume - Angels and Sages

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