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Love Spell Gemstone Intention Candle

AROMA | Floral, Rose, Gardenia

MANTRA | I welcome the gifts of unconditional love, friendship, trust and compassion with gratitude and joy.

DIMENSIONS | 12.6 oz, 3.62 x 2.87, Burn Time: 70- 80 hours     

Love comes in many forms, spanning from romantic to compassion towards oneself. We realized that in moments where we need to attract more love of any kind, lighting an intention candle is more effective than any spell we've ever tried. Scent notes include geranium, jasmine, neroli, and rose. Plus, we’ve added a rose quartz gemstone and rose petals in the wax to help set the intention.

Everything we create begins from a place of gratitude for what we already have. In return for this gratitude, the universe offers us more in return. 

This is an all-purpose love drawing candle. A reminder of the unconditional love and support that's out there for each of us and a reminder to be kind, loving and compassionate toward yourself and others.

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How To Use

Candles are like toddlers. Never leave them alone. Candle wicks are best at about 1/4 inch of trim.

On your first burn, let it go for about 45 minutes to get a solid burn pool - otherwise your candle may not burn evenly.

Always use a plate under your candles because jars holding fire can get hot and break. Happy, Responsible Burning.

Full Ingredient List

Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Phthalate-Free Fragrance and Essential Oils, May Contain Gemstones, Botanicals and Glitter.

Love Spell Candle Love Compassion Angels and SAges Love Spell Candle Magic - Angels and Sages

Crafted With Love

+ The Love Spell candle is crafted with a modern twist on an old southern recipe (we’ve heard rumors that it works every time).

+ Topped with a dusting of glitter to remind us of our own unique vibrancy.

+ Customers love the intoxicating scent of rose, said to bring joy, happiness and positivity, and the long burn time of this candle (70-80 hrs).

+ We’ve added rose petals and rose quartz for an added boost of heart and to increase intentions. Keep the quartz long after the candle has finished burning.