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Angels and Sages


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Rose | Sweet | Floral

Have you ever put your faith in something greater than yourself? This healing candle was born from the healing journey of our founder, Dena, after enduring a ruptured brain aneurysm and being told by a wise nurse that, “all you can do now is give it up to God, faith, and hope,” and that’s exactly what she did.

With that surrender, Dena felt the presence of God and angels in her room and out of that moment, our name, Angels and Sages was born. This healing candle is meant to bring light in those dark moments, to offer solace and calm, and it epitomizes what we’re all about-- a dash of faith mixed with a bit of science, resulting in seriously potent healing products!

MANTRA:  I believe in the power of faith and hope and am surrounded by love and light.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Aquamarine healing gemstones have been added to connect with higher vibration energies of healing. Keep the stones long after the candle has stopped burning. The intention of hope, healing, faith, and love has been set and will remain.
  • Each candle also has at least one Milagros, or traditional Mexican prayer charm inside. Topped with a bit of silver and gold sparkle to remind us of the magic of the source from which we all come and to which all things return.

**If you have a more specific intention (or prayer) that you want to manifest--take a small piece of paper and write your intention on the paper and then place it under the candle while it burns.**


12.6 oz | 3.62 x 2.87 | Burn Time: 70-80 hours


Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils, Angelite Healing Gemstone, Milagros Charm, Glitter

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HEALING Candle | Soy Intention Candle HEALING CANDLE - Angels and Sages HEALING CANDLE - Angels and Sages