Ganesha Solid Brass Figurine

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Ganesha Solid Brass Figurine - Angels and Sages Ganesha Solid Brass Figurine - Angels and Sages Ganesha Solid Brass Figurine - Angels and Sages

You will love this beautiful big ear Ganesh statue in honey gold solid brass.


I saw this statue in a storefront some time ago, and passed it by. I woke up a few days later with the opposite of buyers remorse. I returned to the store to find it gone.

At the moment of writing this note, I've literally spent weeks stalking supplier websites trying to find one. I found him and bought 20.

One for me, and some for you. This statue brings a smile to my face each time I look at it.

(we've now worked with the vendor to keep them in stock, they've become so popular)

Ganesha is one of the best known and most worshiped deities in the Hindu religion. He is aligned with new beginnings, success, and wisdom. He is largely non-secular, meaning people from many geographical locations and spiritual paths call on him as an archetype when staring new endeavors.

This a great addition to any personal collection, yoga room, meditation space or library.


This listing is for a single 2 inch tall brass Ganesha statue.

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