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    Dry Brush Ayurveda Dry Brushing

    Our natural dry body brush helps to increase circulation and helps with lymphatic drainage (cellular toxins) in your body, while smoothing the appearance of cellulite.

    This is also a great natural way to remove surface debris (dead cells) from the surface of your skin--helping you get that glow.

    Once you make dry brushing part of your daily skin health routine, you’ll never stop!

    Size | 4x2.5x1.25in

    How To Use

    Five minutes each day is enough for good results. We recommend getting into the shower (don't turn it on yet) and exfoliate so those dead cells go down the drain once you start the shower.

    Begin lightly stroking the surface of your skin in long strokes in the direction of your heart. You'll always brush in the direction of your heart. Brush each area several times. After brushing shower as normal.

    We begin with legs, then arms, then torso...but you'll find your best pattern. 

    The goal here is to gently exfoliate, not to remove healthy skin cells. so, please don't over do it. 

    Always follow with a body oil or moisturizer. Naturally, we recommend one of ours. 



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