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Angels and Sages

Body Butter Cream | Goddess

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Ready to transform into the goddess you were born to be? Treat yourself to a luxurious experience with Goddess Body Butter Cream.

Discover the aroma and feel of perfection as a new-found confidence is brought to life with each body butter cream application.

Designed to protect your energetic body from the negative emotions, cords and attachments of others, you can trust that you'll only be reaching for the highest levels of self-care. Our special blend combines Osmanthus Flower, Marshmallow and Sensual Musk — layering within your daily ritual for moments of reassurance that transformation awaits you.

This extraordinary formula is sure to leave you enthralled by its subtle yet powerful effective ingredients. You'll love the soft combination that allows for comfort without dampening ambition. And nothing speaks more towards its purpose than how delicate it works on your skin, encouraging a sense of self-love from within. It's like having a moment of seclusion where only you are hugged by a ray of beautiful aromas.

If wanting more strength to take on any situation the day throws at you is an aspiration; then this Goddess Body Butter Cream is just what you've been waiting for!

The perfect opportunity to reinvigorate your body so don't wait any longer; embrace this messaged embrace and bask in sweet sultry scents all while being restored with newfound energy and blissful intentions. Purchase Goddess Body Butter today and make every day sparkle like never before!

Mantra: I honor the Goddess Within Me

Scent: Osmanthus, Marshmallow & Musk


 + Encourages self-love and confidence

 + Deeply hydrating to help you keep that supple glow

 + Protects your energetic body

 + Combines delicate ingredients for a soft feel


8 Ounces

Body Butter Cream - Goddess


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