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We've Lived It For Over 10 Years, So We Get It.

3 DIfferent Spa Locations | 3 Unique Spa Personalities

Our team has seen it all. We've made all the mistakes (sometimes more than once). 

We've navigated changing economies, the Covid pandemic, shifted vendors, and seen competitors come and go.

Just like you -- we once believed the hype -- that if we just tried a little harder, our sales would soar.

Along the way, we've become incredibly knowledgeable about what works and doesn't. We're different because we give you tips, tricks, and protocols for use, a networking group of professionals, and trustworthy business mentoring.

African American Skincare OKC

We're More Than Great Products

+ Our Medical Spa ranks in the top 2% of Medical Spas Nationally.

+ Our Day Spa gathered 150+ 5-Star Reviews in less than 12 months.

+ We're not just trained industry reps telling you how to do it -- we're doing it. We'll never give you a false goal. 

+ We know what works and what doesn't, and we're ALWAYS keeping an eye on beauty trends.

+ Herbalist founded, so we understand how the plants in our ingredients impact mind, body, spirit, and skin. 

+ We have a strong philosophy for real people & real results. We embrace ALL skin types + tones + textures. 

+ Our founder considers herself a mentor first and has a passion for helping women thrive in business -- without the typical exploitation in the beauty industry. 

What's In It For You?

+ Wholesale Accounts Enjoy 50% Off All Product Purchases.

+ Ambassadors earn 15% on lifetime purchases of clients.

+ Never Hassle Shipping or Inflated Shipping Charges.

+ Easy & Practical Professional Protocols To Follow.

+ Access To Our Business Coaching, Including The Ability To Run Your Real Life Scenarios By Our Leadership Team For Mentorship Help.

+ Our Never Amazon or Wal-Mart Pledge.

+ An affiliate link on your website gives you credit for every client purchase, even when you're sleeping.

+ Geographic boundaries to limit local competition groups.

+ Professional Networking Group with folks just like you.

+ Are you local? Skip the shipping costs, show us your license and pick up your products in our brick-and-mortar spa.

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