What's A Steam Tent?

Massage has been in use since
ancient times for relaxation, relieving tiredness or fatigue.

Now, it has become popular therapy with a variety of massage therapy styles or techniques.

Adding steam with the massage is the perfect add-on to make it a spa treatment and to get optimal relaxation along with many other benefits.

For this purpose, a steam tent by
steamy wonders will be the best pick that we use in our massage therapy session.

It is a portable steam tent that can be placed over the massage table, and the client can have massage and steam therapy at the same time and place.

Benefits of Using Steam Tent With Massage

The steam tent by steamy wonders is an amazing innovation in the world of massage therapies, spas, Ayurvedic treatments, etc.

We use it with massage therapy because it uses a patented heat
circulation mechanism providing soothing and even flow of heat by turning on a steam generator.

Within minutes the client experiences warmth without inhaling hot air and enjoys the benefits of a steam room or spa only just by using a massage table as a base for a steam tent.

The steaming session often precedes the massage because whole body steaming reduces muscle tension, moisturizes and
rejuvenates skin, and detoxifies the body. Incorporating steam tent by steamy wonders with massage table has following benefits:

Thus the steam tent by steamy
wonders that we use with our massage table offers many benefits compared to massage alone.

This steam tent is easy to assemble and use, and the client can enjoy relaxation and privacy while lying on the table.

Not only can it be used for relaxation after a tiresome day, but it can also be used to relieve pain from chronic inflammatory conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis.

So, people can benefit from the steam tent that we use with the massage to indulge in deep state of relaxation and heal their bodies.


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