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  • The Golden Hour | Tech + LED Facial  

    The Golden Hour | Tech + LED Facial

    Perfect For | Accelerated Results - 60 Minutes

    With our advanced skincare technologies like our facial analysis camera, we are able to identify and then treat specific skincare concerns like acne, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles and much more while still providing a relaxing experience.

    This customized facial, which focuses on clarifying, reducing redness, and anti-aging, includes a microcurrent firming treatment, and our red, yellow or blue LED treatment.

    $120 | member pricing $96

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  • Skin + Zen | Moisturizing Facial  

    Skin + Zen | Moisturizing Facial

    Perfect For | Maintenance - 45 Minutes

    Feeling stressed? Come see us for a customized facial that will leave you feeling refreshed.

    This customized facial will have you glowing from the inside out with a tech guided meditation, a skin analysis with our Visia camera system, and all the benefits of a customized facial that include: cleansing, a gentle steam, lymphatic gua sha massage followed by a mask.

    $99 | member pricing $79.20

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  • The Seasonal Customized Facial  

    The Seasonal Customized Facial

    Perfect For | A Quick Refresh - 30 Minutes

    An Oklahoma City Favorite

    Short on time and you have an established skincare routine?

    We've got the perfect facial for you. Includes a soothing cleanse, steam, and mask.

    $60 | member pricing $48

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  • OKC Acne Face or Back Facial  

    OKC Acne Face or Back Facial

    Looking for clear skin? Congratulations. You’ve found the right spot. 

    Our skincare experts use the Face Reality Acne protocol — which boosts an impressive 90%+ success rate with combating everything from minor breakouts to severe nodular and cystic acne.

    $95 | member pricing $76

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  • The Every Man's Facial  

    The Every Man's Facial

    Perfect For | An all-around performance facial suited to your needs.

    We've got you. Our expert skincare gurus will tailor your experience and skincare recommendations to match your skincare needs and your lifestyle. We'll have you looking fresh without too much hassle.

    $120 | member pricing $96

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  • Chemical Peel Facial  

    Chemical Peel Facial

    Perfect For | Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Texture Issues

    Enjoy medical grade skincare with chemical peels by SkinCeuticals. Chemical peels work to shed the upper layer of dead skin, helping to reduce minor skin imperfections, smooth fine lines & wrinkles and restore a more youthful glow.

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  • Teen Facial  

    Teen Facial

    Perfect for Pre-Teens & Teens

    Thorough cleansing and extractions is the focus of our teen facial, but also is education on laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy skin. Our compassionate estheticians give tips and directions on how teens can keep their skin in balance with a good skincare routine.

    We’ll send them home with a solid foundation: deeply cleansed, a proper education on how to care for their skin, and two of Angels and Sage's best products to start their new skincare routine. 

    $120. | members save 20%

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  • OKC Natural Facelift Facial  

    OKC Natural Facelift Facial

    Perfect Anti-Aging Facial

    Need a lift? But not ready for invasive procedures -- we've got you covered with our customized lifting and tightening facial.

    We'll do a skin analysis on our Visia camera system to identify volume loss and trouble spots before they surface. From there You'll get a cleanse, tone, phytonutrient rich mask, and application of antioxidant serums to help brighten and tighten.

    Microcurrent devices, oxgen infused serum application and hot + cold facial globes will be used to target the muscles and cellular structures under the skin to help tone & lift skin.

    $109. | members save 20%

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  • Clarifying Level 1 Microneedling Facial  

    Clarifying Level 1 Microneedling Facial

    Perfect for fine lines, small acne scars, texture issues.

    If fine lines, discoloration, acne scars or texture issues like large pores are your focus -- microneedling is a great introduction into the cosmedical world. Not a laser, and not truly invasive -- our Level 1 microneedling facial is a great option for you.

    Your therapist will combine aspects of a traditional facial and a microneedling procedure that will have your skin refreshed with no pain and no downtime.

    Need a little more? Ask your therapist about our Level 2 medical grade microneedling with PRP (found here).

    $120. | member pricing $96.

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  • Date Night Facial  

    Date Night Facial

    Perfect For | Getting That Quick Glow

    Chemical Peel + Dermaplaning

    It Doesn't Hurt - This peel is a level one chemical peel that leaves your skin looking refreshed and radiant with no visible peeling or downtime.

    Keep Your Best Face Forward - This treatment is perfect if you need to look good all day because it is quick and efficient, meaning no icky flaking skin or visible peeling.

    $120 | member pricing $96

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  • Bridal + Event Facials & Packages  

    Bridal + Event Facials & Packages

    Perfect For | Upcoming Events Where You Need To Glow.

    We're excited to be part of your big day, and we love helping you be no-filters-needed ready for your next event.

    It's easy to get started, just book a complimentary consultation with one of our skincare gurus, and together--we'll create a easy, practical, and affordable plan.

    No high pressure sales practices here. Just good skin, and good stuff.

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  • Laser Facials  

    Laser Facials

    Perfect For | Deeper Skincare Issues Like Lines, Acne Scarring, Skin Laxity and more

    Enjoy a portfolio of "best of breed" laser, radio-frequency, microneedling and other skincare devices to help any higher level skincare concerns.

    We always require a complimentary consultation as the first step to any advanced laser therapies. If booking online, and you're interested--please book a complimentary consultation to get started.

    Prices range from $150-$500.

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OKC Facial Upgrades. Make It A Spa Day.

  • + GUA SHA  

    + GUA SHA

    For Detoxification, Firming + Relaxation

    $10 | members save 20%

  • + Chemical Peel  

    + Chemical Peel

    Remove Surface Debris, Impact Fine Lines + Wrinkles

    $10 | members save 20%

  • + The Eyes Have It  

    + The Eyes Have It

    NuFace Depuffing + Tightening Treatment

    $10 | members save 20%


  • + Facial Waxing  

    + Facial Waxing

    Smooth Skin For Up To 6 Weeks

    $5-$25 | members save 20%

  • + 20 Minute Foot Sanctuary Soak  

    + 20 Minute Foot Sanctuary Soak

    The perfect way to disconnect from the world outside & recharge.

    $20 | members save 20%

  • + Brow Tinting  

    + Brow Tinting

    Define brows a bit more while you get your facial.

    $20 | members save 20%

Visia Camera OKC

Complimentary Skincare Consultations



Looking for the best facial OKC? Congratulations. ou've found us.

We do things a bit differently. Our goal is to meet you where you are, and as you are in your skincare journey. 

We recognize that all skin types, tones and textures are just as unique as you are and we want you to feel heard, empowered and happy during every step of your service with us. 

Unsure about which treatment is right for you? No worries. Just schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our providers and we'll take it from there.

Don't worry. There are no high pressure sales pitches here.  


Your Skincare Team

  • Necia Anderson, Medical Aesthetician + Certified Laser Technician  

    Necia Anderson, Medical Aesthetician + Certified Laser Technician

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  • Sidney Craig, Medical Aesthetician + Certified Laser Technician  

    Sidney Craig, Medical Aesthetician + Certified Laser Technician

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  • Cheyanna Isernhagen, Nurse Practitioner  

    Cheyanna Isernhagen, Nurse Practitioner

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