25 Minutes | $55 | member pricing $44.00

50 Minutes | $99 | member pricing $79.20

80 Minutes | $140 | member pricing $112.

Service times are booked for 30, 60, and 90 minutes to allow 10 minutes for you to undress and redress. Hands on service times are reflected above.

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  • Here + Now | Swedish Inspired  

    Here + Now | Swedish Inspired

    Perfect for: Deep relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety relief.

    Our Here and Now Relaxing Massage experience is designed to help settle the mind and relax the body. Begin your unique journey into stress reduction on our exclusive jade and amethyst crystalline healing bed, then sink into bliss with a guided meditation and customized body massage designed to restore your body & spirit.

  • Pregnancy Massage  

    Pregnancy Massage

    Perfect for: Expectant mamas

    Your body is on the journey of a lifetime. Treat it to a beautifully reviving and restorative detour with our Pregnancy Massage. Supportive and empowering for you and baby, it will ease nerves, soothe strains and tired muscles. 

    Our pregnancy pillows allow you to receive a side-lying and fully-supported prenatal massage experience, allowing for optimal comfort and safety. Together, we will help alleviate any discomfort you may be having, while nurturing your connection to your baby with every massage stroke.

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  • Hot Stone Massage

    Hot Stone Massage

    Perfect for: Soothing Muscle Tension and Pain, Promoting Sleep, Cleansing Energies 

    Slip into your warm crystalline activated massage bed as your therapist begins working with hands and basalt stones forged from volcanic lava. The hot stones will relax tensed muscles, aid pain relief, promote sleep and better circulation.

    A warm oil drizzle of traditional sage and cedarwood oils will help nurture your connection and open your root chakra; the grounding, energetic home of emotions relating to security and stability.


  • Lymphatic | Detox Massage  

    Lymphatic | Detox Massage

    Perfect for: Enhancing Circulation and Immune Function, Detoxification.

    Using long, light and rhythmic strokes, our Lymphatic Detox Massage encourages movement of lymph fluids from the body. The lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues, and this special massage supports its process.

    Not only can our Lymphatic Detox Massage help build immunity by encouraging the release of accumulated toxins, but it can benefits sufferers of lymphedema and fibromyalgia.  

    You may feel a bit crappy for a couple of days after this detox massage. It's just the toxins leaving your body. 

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  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Perfect for: Relieving Musculoskeletal Issues, Stiffness, Strains and Sports injuries

    Need the knots worked out? Want to kiss goodbye to stiff muscles and boost your circulation? Our powerful yet softening Deep Tissue Massage will unlock your tension by lengthening and relaxing your deep tissue. 

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  • Express | Chair Massage  

    Express | Chair Massage

    Perfect for: Targeted Relaxation

    Feel relaxed as your therapist provides a customized massage to your head, neck and shoulders to help reduce tension, pain and soreness.  

    Choose between:

    Head, Neck and Shoulder

    Foot and Lower Leg

    Hand and Lower Arm

    or a combination of any of the above

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Massage Packages

  • Alpha | Muscle Melt Spa Experience  

    Alpha | Muscle Melt Spa Experience

    Deep Tissue + Steam Immersion + Soak + Gift

    130 Minutes

    ✔ 80 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

    ✔ 20 Minute Steam Tent Immersion

    ✔ 20 Minute Herbal Foot Soak with our Alchemy Soak

    ✔ Take home jar of our 4 ounce Warming or Cooling Massage Gel (value $24) here

    $190.00 each person | Member Pricing $161.50 

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  • Adagio | Relaxing Spa Experience  

    Adagio | Relaxing Spa Experience

    Massage + Soak + Gift

    90 Minutes

    ✔ 50 Minute Relaxing Massage

    ✔ 30 Minute Herbal Foot Soak

    ✔ Take home jar of our Empath Body Butter & Empath Essential oil Roller (value $ 32)

    $145.00 each person | Member Pricing $123.25

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  • The Bump | Pregnancy Package  

    The Bump | Pregnancy Package

    Maternity Massage + Soak + Gift

    ✔ 50 Minute Customized Maternity Massage

    ✔ 30 minute foot soak topped with fresh lavender flowers in our foot sanctuary

    ✔ Belly Mask using our solid lotion bar, so your skin gets all the botanical oils with none of the fillers like water. Take home the rest of your bump lotion bar to keep the spa vibes going.

    $140.00 each person | Member Pricing $119.

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Add A Little Extra TLC or Create A Spa Day

  • + Deep Tissue Massage

    + Deep Tissue Massage

    Add a deeper pressure to focus on areas of lingering tension, tightness or knots.

    $20 | member pricing $17

  • + CBD + Kava Oil

    + CBD + Kava Oil

    A profoundly relaxing upgrade for your massage experience is an addition of our exclusive CBD & Kava Kava Oil.

    $40 | member pricing $36

  • + Melt | Calming Balm

    + Melt | Calming Balm

    Ease mental and emptional tension with an upgrade of our Melt balm applied to areas of tension during your massage.

    $5 | member pricing $4.25

  • + Cupping

    + Cupping

    Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. This can help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being.

    $40 | member pricing $36

  • + 20 Minute Foot Sanctuary Soak

    + 20 Minute Foot Sanctuary Soak

    Looking for a treat? You've found one. Slip into one of our exclusive copper bowls with warm, supportive herbs to help you unwind & be supported.

    $20 | member pricing $17

  • + 60 Minute Botanical Facial

    + 60 Minute Botanical Facial

    Create a spa day at a reduced price with a 60-minute facial upgrade. You'll be glowing from the inside out.

    $60 | member pricing $51

  • + Steam Tent Immersion  

    + Steam Tent Immersion

    Enjoy a 20 minute Steam Tent Immersion with your massage to help with detoxification and relaxation.

    $20 | member pricing $17

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  • + Custom Message On Our Spa Board

    + Custom Message On Our Spa Board


    Are you doing something special for someone? Just let us know when booking the appointment, and we'll add your custom message on our spa board for them to see.

  • + Aura Photo

    + Aura Photo

    Tap into a photographic journey of your Chakras (life force energy flowing through your body) and your Aura. You'll recieve a 12-16 page report all about how you are showing up energetically today.

    $20 | memberpricing $17

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