We're excited to meet you.

Welcome to Angels + Sages. We've built an incredible base and provider system to support the well-being needs of our comminuty, and we're excited to have you join us as as a client, an affiliate or a member of our team.

Meet The Founders

  • Dr. A. Jay Bradford, MD

    Dr. A. Jay Bradford, MD

    Dr. Bradford has a wealth of tactical leadership knowledge and between his double residencies in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine/Trauma -- we say he's got a great eye for the small details, a steady hand and an amazingly personal and comforting chairside manner.

  • Dr. Darryl Robinson. MD

    Dr. Darryl Robinson. MD

    Dr. Robinson is dual boarded in Phsical Medicine & Rehabillitation as well as Anti-Aging Medicine. He is proven himself in the beauty world as the owner of one of the top Medical Spas in the United States (that just happens to be our sister spa, Longevity). Longevity is celebrating 10 years in 2022.

  • Dena Bradford, COO  

    Dena Bradford, COO

    Dena Bradford is a health and beauty industry disruptor. Her combined background in corporate healthcare, medical + day spa management, natural skincare formulation and herbalism allows her a unique perspective in business leadership management, motivation and what it takes to succeed.

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What We Do

Angels and Sages is a natural, professional skincare line.

Angels and Sages is also a collaborative spa environment led by true business leaders who are here to help you thrive.

When you work with us, you are automatically brought into our business accelerator program as a booth renter. Our accelerator program is a self-paced series of 3 courses in business, marketing and skincare (if you choose to use it) thoughtfully designed to help new and established beauty and wellness industry professionals take your business to the next level.

We're here because we LOVE connection, well-being and helping independent businesses thrive.


Meet The Beauty + Wellness Providers

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