Foot Soak

A profoundly relaxing experience, You’ll never realize how much you needed this, until you try it.  


Sink into sensorial serenity with a rejuvenating foot massage ritual. Made by our in-house herbalist, our hydrotherapy foot soaks marry therapeutic minerals with fragrant oils. 


+ Botanical Foot soak of your choice

+ Calm Balm application to moisturize and restore feet

+ Signature beverage service, snack, tech guided meditation

$30.00 Each Person

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ALCHEMY | MUSCLE + JOINT SUPPORT | Inspired by the alchemists of legend, know to turn heavy lead into gold. A muscle supporting blend of magnesium, mint, sweet birch, and rosemary for those days when you’ve overdone it. 

EMPATH | RELAXING + RESTORATIVE | Originally crafted for empaths and those who are highly sensitive to help cleanse and protect the aura (your body’s energy field), also good for those who are skin and fragrance sensitive. A purifying and calming blend of mineral rich salts, white clay, botanical oils, French lavender and German chamomile.

MELT REDUCE MENTAL TENSION | A tension taming blend of botanical oils, mineral rich pink and sea salts, crisp peppermint + fresh eucalyptus. Great for those days of tension headaches, or when you're just mentally holding onto something that you're reay to let go.