The Retreat

An amazing experience, You’ll never realize how much you needed this, until you try it.  


Sink into sensorial serenity with a rejuvenating foot massage ritual. Made by our in-house herbalist, our hydrotherapy foot soaks marry therapeutic minerals with fragrant oils. 


+ 20 minute foot and lower leg massage or head, neck and shoulder massage to relieve any tensions 

+ Botanical Foot soak of your choice in our foot sanctuary (see our foot soak menu here)

+ Barefoot Butter & Hot Stone Immersion

+ Lower leg and foot polish with our house made sugar scrub

+ Signature beverage service, snack, tech guided meditation, take home gift

$60.00 Each Person | Member Pricing $51.00 

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Lovers & Friends

A popular way to get some quality time connecting with a friend, family member or loved one.

Lovers & Friends is our modern interpretation of the couples massage without the pressure of worrying about snoring, talking or any of the other issues that surface sometimes when you are spending quality spa time trying to connect. 

Start your day spa package with relaxing warm lavender neck wrap, herbal tea, cookie and tech guided meditation in our comfy chairs to help you start releasing the tensions of the day.

Enjoy your choice of herbal foot soak with fresh botanical flowers, butters and oils as it’s rolled out to your in our hand hammered Mexican copper bowls. Settle into connection and bliss as your massage therapist applies our small batch, handcrafted sugar scrub on your feet and lower legs before moving into a nurturing 20 minute foot and lower leg massage. 

Re-engage with the world with our fresh mint splash and aromatherapy and set your intentions to keep the good vibes going with your special take home gift. 

As a pair, this is a side by side service, sharing a massage therapist. The service is exactly the same in reverse order.


+ 20 minute head, neck and shoulder or foot and lower leg massage 

+ Botanical foot soak of your choice in our foot sanctuary (see our foot soak menu here)

+ Lower leg polish with our exclusive house made sugar scrub 

+ Signature tea service or wine

+ Tech guided meditation

+ Take home mood/room mist  (Value $10)

$120.  | Member Pricing $102.

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ALCHEMY | MUSCLE + JOINT SUPPORT | Inspired by the alchemists of legend, know to turn heavy lead into gold. A muscle supporting blend of magnesium, mint, sweet birch, and rosemary for those days when you’ve overdone it. 

BAD MOON RISING | HORMONAL + EMOTIONAL SUPPORT | Bad Moon rising was crafted to help support you emotionally and physically during the seasons of hormonal changes of your body. Features emotionally supportive Clary Sage, Geranium, Clove & Cassia in a base of warm bubbles, mineral rich sea salts & pink salts.

EMPATH | RELAXING + RESTORATIVE | Originally crafted for empaths and those who are highly sensitive to help cleanse and protect the aura (your body’s energy field), also good for those who are skin and fragrance sensitive. A purifying and calming blend of mineral rich salts, white clay, botanical oils, French lavender and German chamomile.

FLORIDA WATER | DETOXIFYING + UPLIFTING | A modern spin on an old folk spiritual blessing recipe to remove heavy vibrations, stuck energy, and encourage positive communication. Enjoy an uplifting portal of blue clay, botanical oils, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lavender, rose, ylang ylang, and cassia.

MELT REDUCE MENTAL TENSION | A tension taming blend of botanical oils, mineral rich pink and sea salts, crisp peppermint + fresh eucalyptus. Great for those days of tension headaches, or when you're just mentally holding onto something that you're reay to let go.

STRENGTH | GROUNDING + CENTERING | A splash of optimistic lemon, rich vetiver, sensual sandalwood mixed with botanical oils. Supports the first energy center in the body (chakra) designed to help restore balance, to center and support you during times of change, uncertainty or when you just feel like you could use a big warm hug.


  • + GUA SHA

    + GUA SHA

    For Detoxification, Firming + Relaxation

    $10 | member pricing $8.50

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  • + Chemical Peel

    + Chemical Peel

    Remove Surface Debris, Impact Fine Lines + Wrinkles

    $40 | member pricing $36

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  • + Brow Tint + Shaping

    + Brow Tint + Shaping

    Show Off Those Bright Eyes

    $30 | member pricing $24.6

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  • + Facial Waxing

    + Facial Waxing

    Smooth Skin For Up To 6 Weeks

    $5-$25 | members save 15%

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  • + 30 Minutes Of Massage

    + 30 Minutes Of Massage

    The perfect way to disconnect from the world outside & recharge.

    $55 | member pricing $46.75

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  • + Facial Cupping

    + Facial Cupping

    Improve Circulation & Build Collagen.

    $30 | member pricing $24.6

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