Journey To Resiliance


80 - 120 MINUTES

No two sessions are ever the same, because as humans, we are never the same at any two points or places in time. Our goal is to meet you as you are, where you are at this moment in time.

These sessions are provided by our founder who has has undergone extensive training, for many years and with multiple traditions. These sessions typically take a lot of energy to hold the sacred space as it should be for each client's journey. To honor that for each client -- Dena only allows one opening per week for any energy healing session she facilitates. 

Your unique energy healing OKC journey begins with a 30 minute head, neck and shoulder massage to help down regulate your nervous system so your body and mind can enter a healthy space for your healing journey to begin. 

You will then move into an energy healing session on our crystalline energy healing beds, working with your therapist to assess and move energy through your body and to release anything you are ready let go.

Our energy-balancing techniques are based in traditional healing systems found around the world. Your journey may include Tibetan sound bowls, crystals, meditation and breathwork to improve your body’s flow of ‘chi’ (life force energy) through your body’s energy centers and pathways, chakras and meridians. 

Traditional healing systems believe that blocked, or stagnant chi, can cause distress and disease in the body. Folk healers around the world, and across traditions believe it to be very important to keep your personal energy centers open and flowing freely for optimal mind, body and spirit health. 

Once energy flow is restored in your body, you’ll enjoy a 30 minute foot soak with tea in our foot sanctuary. You’ll also enjoy our exclusive integration process to help further restore balance to your nervous system before you leave us and return to the pressures of the outside world.   

Journey to Resilience

$210.00 | Member Pricing $178.5

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Aura Photo Camera OKC

Aura Photo + Analysis

Perfect For: A deeper insight into the who you are here and now and the energy you are emitting in the world. 

There’s a myth out there that aura photography is all about spirituality and woo-woo things, but it’s actually a practical and simple way to step into your personal power.

It’s really just basic bio-feedback via a camera and a hand sensor.

We’ve purchased an amazing system just for you that takes a picture of the energy your body emits (shown as pretty colors), the levels of energy that flows through and around your body, and can even tell how relaxed you are, what areas of your emotion may need a bit of a pick-me-up, and where you may be holding on to some things that might need inner reflection/work.

We got a handy report that we email you. It’s easy to read and all about—-well—you. The you of right here and right now.

How Is Our Approach To Aura Photography Different?

To begin with, we make it affordable, practical and all about you.

If you’ve ever done this before, and if you haven’t — the usual process is to take a picture and get a Polaroid printout of your face with the pretty colors around it. The person running the camera tells you all about what he/she thinks is going on with you. Sometimes you get a one page printout and you leave thinking you are that color and the analysis of that single image is who you are for life. And. I’ve had lots of these, but I’ve never had anyone tell me that my colors change. All the time. I literally spent years once thinking I was a “red/orange”. The reality is, you’re always evolving. You can literally sit with our camera and see your colors and body systems change as we talk.

We’re really not that woo-woo. We’re all about using tools and techniques to help you feel good quickly and easily.

We have a dynamic software system instead of a “snapshot” camera. You’ll see aura photography on the internet. We don’t seek to define you as a person by one image taken on one day. Let’s face it, you’re NEVER the same at any point in time. You’re a dynamic, whole being that is always responding to your inner and outer world.

We don’t project our issues and “stuff” onto you by telling you who we think you are and what’s going on inside you. You’ll get a system generated report for you to read and interpret. It’s easy and fun.

You’ll get some scientific data that tells you more than just what color you are. You’ll see your energy levels, how you’re presenting to the world, and how you’re interacting with your environment and the people around you today.

You’ll get tips and tricks on how to increase your vibrancy and personal power for areas that need a little boost.

We can use your chart to help tailor the services you’re already here for to support you mentally, physically and emotionally (if you like).

We’re fully transparent. If we don’t know. We’ll let you know.

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  • The Golden Hour | High Tech Facial  

    The Golden Hour | High Tech Facial

    Perfect For | Transformation - 60 Minutes

    With our advanced skincare technologies, we are able to treat specific skincare concerns like acne, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles and much more.

    Advanced Technology - We use powerful products like micro current, high frequency and other devices to address your specific concerns.

    $120 | member pricing $102

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  • Skin + Zen | Natural Facial  

    Skin + Zen | Natural Facial

    Perfect For | Maintenance - 45 Minutes

    Feeling stressed? Come see us for a customized facial that will leave you feeling refreshed.

    Together we will discuss your skin type and concerns as well as my recommended customized facial. If you've got a regular skincare routine, and you like to keep that natural, healthy glow -- thisis the facial for you.

    $99 | member pricing $84.15

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  • The Seasonal Facial  

    The Seasonal Facial

    Perfect For | A Refresh - 30 Minutes

    An Oklahoma City Favorite

    Short on time and good on regular skincare? We've got the perfect facial for you. Enjoy a rotaing performance facial to meet the changing needs of your skin as we navigate the changing seasons.

    $60 | member pricing $51

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  • Date Night Facial  

    Date Night Facial

    Perfect For | Getting That Quick Glow - 60 Minutes

    Chemical Peel + Dermaplaning

    It Doesn't Hurt - This peel is a level one chemical peel that leaves your skin looking refreshed and radiant with no visible peeling or downtime.

    Keep Your Best Face Forward - This treatment is perfect if you need to look good all day because it is quick and efficient, meaning no icky flaking skin or visible peeling.

    $99 | member pricing $84.15

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  • The Eyes Have It  

    The Eyes Have It

    Perfect For | Tired Eyes - 15 Minutes

    High frequency moves excess lymph to de-puff and circulate blood to combat under eye circles. Brightened, you leave refreshed and renewed

    ✔ Reduces puffiness
    ✔ Circulates blood
    ✔ Brightens skin tone

    $25 | member pricing $21.25

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  • Laser Facial  

    Laser Facial

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  • + GUA SHA

    + GUA SHA

    For Detoxification, Firming + Relaxation

    $10 | member pricing $8.50

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  • + Chemical Peel

    + Chemical Peel

    Remove Surface Debris, Impact Fine Lines + Wrinkles

    $40 | member pricing $36

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  • + Brow Tint + Shaping

    + Brow Tint + Shaping

    Show Off Those Bright Eyes

    $30 | member pricing $24.6

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  • + Facial Waxing

    + Facial Waxing

    Smooth Skin For Up To 6 Weeks

    $5-$25 | members save 15%

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  • + 20 Minute Foot Sanctuary Soak

    + 20 Minute Foot Sanctuary Soak

    The perfect way to disconnect from the world outside & recharge.

    $20 | member pricing $17

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  • + Facial Cupping

    + Facial Cupping

    Improve Circulation & Build Collagen.

    $30 | member pricing $24.6

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