Journey To Resiliance


45 - 60 MINUTES

No two sessions are ever the same, because as humans, we are never the same at any two points or places in time. Our goal is to meet you as you are, where you are at this moment in time.

These sessions are provided by our founder who has has undergone extensive training, for many years and with multiple traditions. These sessions typically take a lot of energy to hold the sacred space as it should be for each client's journey. To honor that for each client -- Dena only allows one opening per week for any energy healing session she facilitates. 

Your unique energy healing OKC journey begins with a cup of hot tea, a guided meditation for breath and a conversation about what you want to shift or release.

You will then move into an energy healing session on our crystalline energy healing beds, working with your therapist to assess and move energy through your body and to release anything you are ready let go.

Our energy-balancing techniques are based in traditional healing systems found around the world. Your journey may include Tibetan sound bowls, crystals, meditation and breathwork to improve your body’s flow of ‘chi’ (life force energy) through your body’s energy centers and pathways, chakras and meridians. 

Traditional healing systems believe that blocked, or stagnant chi, can cause distress and disease in the body. Folk healers around the world, and across traditions believe it to be very important to keep your personal energy centers open and flowing freely for optimal mind, body and spirit health. 

Once energy flow is restored, you'll have time to journal and reflect on your experience to further restore balance to your nervous system before you leave us and return to the pressures of the outside world.   

Journey to Resilience

$ 150.

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