Cellular Renewal Exfoliating Facial Treatment

Retexturizing Enzyme Exfoliating Facial Treatment For Cellular Turnover

Perfect For: Normal, Combination and Oily Skin Types

Angels and Sages Cellular Renewal Exfoliating Treatment is a popular spa protocol, and works on all skin types. This is a light chemical exfoliation that can be done as a standalone facial in your spa, or by a client at home to remove those dead surface skin cells and allow gentle transformation and glow over time. 

Angels and Sages facial cellular renewal treatment Retexturizing Enzyme Exfoliating Treatment is a very powerful polishing enzyme skin peel. Pumpkin contains many exfoliating properties as-well as nutrients for the skin. This skin care treatment is perfect for skin that is not sensitive. Oilier skin can usually use the Mask II which contains 12% glycolic. If your client has not used glycolic before try using the Mask I that contains 5% glycolic first. This light enzyme skin peel will not leave the skin flaking. It is considered a very superficial enzyme skin peel.

Cleanse with Facial Cleansing Gel
Prep skin with AHA Purifying Toner
Cleanse and exfoliate with AHA Micro Bead Polish
Apply a thin layer of Retexturizing Enzyme Mask I. Mask I has 5% glycolic. As you apply the mask tell your client they will fell a itchy or tingly feeling. It usually lasts about a minute or two and then subsides. If the client says the mask feels like it is burning remove the mask with water. I would NOT apply steam or hot towel compress with this mask because it may intensify the treatment too much.
Leave on for 3-10 minutes depending on skin type and condition.
Rinse until the skin does not feel any itchiness or burning.
Apply Antioxidant Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Apply Clarifying Serum
Then finish off with Light Moisture Cream
*Recommended protocols are designed to give you an idea of where to use products in your treatment room. Not all protocols can be used on all skin types. Protocols may be different depending on skin type or sensitivity.