Join Us On An Adventure

We are so thrilled you took the time out of your busy day to come and see what we do!

We do things a little differently here at Angels and Sages.

We've frequently been told that we go against the grain -- and we kind of like it that way. It's not that we're non-conformists, but let's face it--life is an adventure, and why not go all in????

Our staff and families represent a wide range of ages, skin tones, and skin textures, and that's how we started our skincare game.

Our founder, Dena, had a brown-skinned little girl with beautiful curls-- and the driest, most sensitive skin you can imagine!!!

New to the medical spa world, Dena tried all the expensive stuff and didn't resolve the dry skin dilemma with any of that stuff.

So she went back to school to become an herbalist, playing mad scientist in the kitchen, and eventually crafted something that did work. It was simple in the end, so simple -- that she got a little angry with the beauty industry and started formulating more.

They say time changes everything, and that couldn't be more true for us. We've moved on from dry skin to pre-teen hormones. Sigh.

This product line that started in our founders' kitchen has grown exponentially.

What was once only available to our day and medical spa clients is now open to the public and you want in on this!

We're now offering these same amazing clean bath + beauty products to the public and would love it if you could be part of this growing movement.

Why Partner With Us?

We've Lived It For Over 10 Years, So We Get It.

3 DIfferent Spa Locations | 3 Unique Spa Personalities

Our Etsy shop was in the top 3% of stores globally before we put it on what's probably going to be a permanant vacation.

Our team has seen it all. We've made all the mistakes (sometimes more than once). 

We've navigated changing economies, the Covid pandemic, shifted vendors, and seen competitors come and go.

We're here because we believe natural, organic and inclusive skincare can provide professional results, and still be affordable. After all -- what good is great skincare if you can't afford it?

What's In It For You?

+ Ambassadors earn 15% on lifetime purchases of clients.

+ Marketing materials, professional photos and promotional resources to help grow your affiliate business.

+ Exclusive discounts on products and other perks.

+ Sales goal bonuse + incentves. You work hard. You should be rewarded.

+ Access To Our Business Coaching, Including The Ability To Run Your Real Life Scenarios By Our Leadership Team For Mentorship Help.

+ Our Never Amazon or Wal-Mart Pledge.

+ Professional Networking Group with folks just like you.

+ If you live in OKC, you'll be on our list for model calls and score some highly discounted or free spa services.

+ Are you local? Skip the shipping costs, show us your license and pick up your products in our brick-and-mortar spa.

+ Have a retail or beauty business of your own? We'll give you a link for your website and you'll earn cash day and night.

Applications Are Open. Join Us Now.

Drop Us A Note & Tell Us A Bit About You & Why We Will Be a Great Fit.

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