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Luna Candle | For Setting Goals

MANTRA | I Sew the Seeds that Bring Me Closer To My Hopes and Dreams

AROMA | Floral

KEY INGREDIENTS | Soy Wax, Cotton Core Wick, Blue Goldstone, Goji Berry, Strawberry, Gardenia

DIMENSIONS | Size: 12.6 oz , 3.62 x 2.8, Burn Time Is Approximatley 70-80 Hours

We created this intention candle to help you harness potent energy during all phases of the moon.

In the not too distant past, manifestation practices included burning oil lamps and adding simple herbs or creating perfumes with intention. The basis of magic was found in local and easily accessible tools from nature and many times one lamp or one candle would be used for multiple rituals.

After months of research, the Luna (aka moon goddess) candle was born, and like the moon, it is simple and beautiful.

The deep blue goldstone perfectly matches the shimmery glitter for a modern twist on an old spell, a piece of clear quartz has also been added to amplify intention. The stones can be kept long after the candle stops burning, as your intentions will be sealed inside.

MANTRA: I sew the seeds that bring me closer to my hopes and dreams

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How To Use

Candles are like toddlers. Never leave them alone. Candle wicks are best at about 1/4 inch of trim.

On your first burn, let it go for about 45 minutes to get a solid burn pool - otherwise your candle may not burn evenly.

Always use a plate under your candles because jars holding fire can get hot and break. Happy, Responsible Buring.

Full Ingredients List

Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Phthalate-Free Fragrance and Essential Oils, Blue Goldstone, Botanicals and Glitter.

Luna Moon Candle
Luna Moon Candle
Luna Candle | For Setting Goals

The Rhythms Of Life

Harnessing intentions set under the the silvery light of the moon, my goals have been set into motion.

My desires have crystallized and the road ahead of me is clear.

A calmness has come over me knowing I'm one step closer to my ultimate destiny.

All I have to do is continue moving forward and stay focused on my intentions.

The sky is illuminated with possibility and I'm inspired by the new horizons ahead of me.

I know that the path will be full of ups and downs, but I'm ready to take on the challenge.

My dreams have come alive and I'm more motivated than ever before.

Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals and intentions.

Why You’ll Our Moon Intention Candle:

+ Limited quantity. Poured only under the light of the full moon to harness the energies of manifestation.

+ Blue Goldstone is used to further align with the cycles and energies of the moon, instilling confidence and motivation.

+ Notes of goji berry, rose and jasmine, make this candle the perfect companion for letting the moonlight and your dreams collide.

+ Our ingredients are safe and formulated to be family and pet-friendly.

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