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Positive Vibes | Smudge Candle To Clear Negative Energy

MANTRA | Negative Energy May Not Stay.

AROMA | Herbaceous. Cedar, Sage, Palo Santo

KEY INGREDIENTS |  Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Palo Santo, Cedarwood, Sage

Negative energy may not stay. Light this smudging candle to release it and send it on its way.

You'll love the aroma of cedar and sage, as well as the pieces of fresh white sage that are added to the soy wax to infuse pure plant magic and intention throughout your candle and into your space. 

Prior to shipping, each candle goes through a prayer ceremony in our healing room to seal in the intention as you begin your journey with your candle. 

A clear quartz has been added to amplify intention. It's easy to keep and clean the soy off your gemstones. The intention has been set, so they will continue to work for you long after your candle is gone.

DIMENSIONS | Size: 12.6 oz , 3.62 x 2.8, Burn Time Is Approximatley 70-80 Hours

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How To Use

Candles are like toddlers. Never leave them alone.

Candle wicks are best at about 1/4 inch of trim.

On your first burn, let it go for about 45 minutes to get a solid burn pool - otherwise your candle may not burn evenly.

Always use a plate under your candles because jars holding fire can get hot and break.

Happy, Responsible Burning.

Full Ingredients List

Soy Wax, Cotton Core Wick, White Sage, Pink Salt, Clear Quartz Gemstone, Essential Oils of Sage, Cedarwood, Palo Santo.

Positive Vibes | Smudge Candle To Clear Negative Energy
Smudge Candle Palo Santo Sage - Angels and Sages
Positive Vibes | Smudge Candle To Clear Negative Energy
Positive Vibes | Smudge Candle To Clear Negative Energy
Smudge Candle Sage
Positive Vibes Candle - Angels and Sages

Pro Tips...

These white sage and cedarwood candles are an easy way to add a pop of positive energy to any space where people gather.

There is something magical about infusing aa familiar or unfamiliar space with your intention of peace, love and light through the perfectly golden glow of a candle. 

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