Product Cheat Sheet For Estheticians

Product Cheat Sheet For Estheticians

Dry Skin Products/Sensitive Skin:

Exfoliating Mask (use once a week) This is a cream based facial masque that lightly exfoliates and brightens the skin. This is ideal for clients who need light exfoliation but skin is in a fragile state or too dry to withstand any deep exfoliation. We use with a pop of luminous serum and under steam to keep jojoba beads from hardening. 

Super C- (use 3x times a week at night skipping a day in between each use, have client dampen face with water before use because this serum has hyaluronic acid and vitamin C combined). Ideal for clients who need have dull skin from being to dry.

Calming Mist - This toner is good for clients that have redness or sensitive skin. It is infused with antioxidants and calming ingredients that reduce inflammation. Can be used throughout the day to refresh makeup or refresh skin when needed. Use after cleanser to remove left over dirt from cleansing skin and/or before facial masques to enhance product penetration.

Enzyme Mask - (use once a week during nighttime routine) This is a gel based enzyme. It lightly exfoliates dead skin. Ideal for clients who have flaky skin or dry skin.

Calming Serum - (3x a week at during nighttime routine, this is an oil so have client use in moderation) Ideal for clients who have inflammation, redness or skin has sensitivity. This will help minimize the sensitivity and prepare skin for other treatments in the future. Can also be used for rosacea

Deep Hydrating Cream -  Ideal moisturizer for dry/mature skin with a thick consistency but if client is on lots of exfoliating products this will replenish the lost moisture.

Collagen Stimulating Serum - (3x a week during nighttime routine, can also be used as a light moisturizer after chemical peels and laser treatments.)

Aloe Cleansing Gel - A Good cleanser for dry/sensitive skin. This is a gel based cleanser so if they have acne but are sensitive or you need to cleanse skin without over drying, this is the cleanser that you will use. If you aren’t sure which cleanser to start your client on this is a cleanser that can be used for any skin type.

Oily/ Acneic Skin Products:

Soapberry- Gentle cleanser for acneic skin. Ideal for clients with grades 1-2 acne.

Pure Cleanser- This cleanser is also for acneic skin types but it is a little more intense, ideal for some who has grades 3-4 acne.

Phyto-Nutrient Toner- This toner is oily controlling and ideal for clients who have excessive oily skin.

Anti-inflammatory Serum- This serum is potent and needs to be used in moderation. Can be used as a spot treatment or all over face treatment and also can be used for rosacea/ eczema but needs to be used in conjunction with the calming serum so that it isn’t too over powering (spot treat or use 3x a week, during nighttime routine, skipping a day between each use *this product has a purging time of 5-7 days bringing out underlying acne.)

Purifying Mask - Ideal for clients who have oily/acneic skin and prefer a facial masque over a scrub. This reduces oil and detoxifies the pores. (once a week treatment during nighttime routine, this is a clay masque so it can be used for any skin type (except dry) to soften pores and detoxify.)

Purifying Scrub - This is a facial scrub and is ideal for clients who have acne breakouts, it softens and cleans out the pores (once a week treatment during nighttime routine, has activated charcoal so client can either leave on to detoxify or scrub during use but don’t exceed once a week usage.)

Pure Pomegranate Cream - This is a moisturizer for acneic skin types but ideal for anyone who might be on hydrating serums/treatments and just need their daily moisture without adding too much moisture that will lead to oily skin.

Anti-Aging Products:

Proxima Cleanser- This is a gentle and gel based cleanser, ideal for mature skin clients but can be used on any skin type.

Replenishing Cleanser- This cleanser is cream based; it will not produce suds and is ideal who any client who doesn’t want a gel cleanser or has dry skin that can’t withstand a gel based cleanser

Replenishing Mask This is a hydrating cream facial masque (once a week treatment, recommended for clients who need hydration or need to repair after intense exfoliation such as chemical peels.)

Replenishing Eye Cream – Ideal for clients who have dark cirles, adds hydration to the area. Comes out as a cream but turns into a water when rubbed in.

Replenishing Moisturizer- Ideal for clients who have dry skin. If client doesn’t like a thick consistency (Deep Hydrating Cream) This moisturizer will do the trick.

Hydrating Daily Moisturizer- This is our top selling moisturizer and has the lightest consistency. Has hyaluronic acid in it so warn clients because skin may be sensitive to waxing and/or laser treatments when using (use with water by lightly damping face because of hyaluronic acid in it. If face flakes from use, switch moisturizer).

Bright Eye Depuffing Gel- Ideal for puffy eyes but gel can be used for any area that needs to be soothed or cooled (laser treatments)

Replenishing Mist- Ideal for clients who have dry skin. This si a hydrating toner, can be used to refresh makeup or refresh skin throughout the day.

Hyaluronic Acid- Acid that infuses skin with hydration (3x a week, make sure to dampen face with water then apply.)

Daily C- Brightening serum (4x a week at night)

Retinol 2.0 - Serum for clients with acneic or mature skin. Warn clients about using with laser treatments or waxing. Need to stop using for at least 2 weeks prior to receiving treatments such as lasers, chemical peels or waxing. (2x a week at night)

Bakuchiol - natural version of retinol, use 2x a week at night.

Date Night Peel - good for acne scarring or even flaky skin that needs to be softened. Once a week treatment at night, follow instructions because it does not self-neutralize.

Nectar Cleansing Oil - can be used as a pre-cleanse for dry skin to add moisture so cleanse can be more effective without over drying or even oily skin to remove excess oil because oil grabs oil.

Luminous Serum - use 3x a week during nighttime routine because it’s an oil but helps with brightening and dull skin

Cellular Renewal - can be used for dry skin as well, use 2x a week at night for light chemical exfoliation and brightening.