Microneedling Post Home Care

Microneedling Post Home Care

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Be Skin Wise Following Your Microneedling Treatments for the best results.

After 24 Hours

  • Wash your face using our Aloe Cleanser and apply our Luminous Serum as a moisturizer to minimize flaking skin, mild swelling, peeling, and bruising. 
  • Avoid strenuous activities and apply makeup for a while.
  • Prolonged sun exposure should also be avoided. If you must head outside, make sure to apply a high protection sunscreen.
  • Do not exfoliate your skin. Just don't do it -- no matter how badly you want to. 

After 48 Hours

  • Continue hydrating the skin with the luminous serum and then add in our Super C Serum to introduce the plumping actions of hyaluronic acid, the brightening elements of Vitamin C, and collagen.
  • Start gently exfoliating the skin with our Konjac Sponge or Sisal Exfoliating Cloth to speed up the healing process, but make sure to avoid chemical and physical exfoliants.
  • Don’t exfoliate the skin if it feels sensitive.

After 3-5 Days

  • Continue applying the sunscreen and avoid prolonged sun exposure for up to one week after the treatment.
  • Start bringing in traditional skincare products. The skincare routine should focus more on gentle moisturizing and hydrating products while avoiding toners, active ingredients, scrubs, and acids. Continue using your Super C serum. 

After 7+ Days

  • You may start returning to the regular skincare routine.
  • Common side effects usually start to subside while the results start to show around this time.
  • Microneedling treatments should be performed about 4 to 6 weeks apart. Multiple sessions are required to achieve the best results.


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