Microneedling Face Mapping

Microneedling Face Mapping

Microneedling Face Mapping

When microneedling, it’s always important to remember that different areas of the face will require a slightly different technique. Never go outside your scope of practice if you are a professional -- or manufacturer guidelines if you are doing this at home or on yourself. ALWAYS check manufacturer guidelines and follow them. 

Always use micronnedling depth guide and speed recommendations from the  manufacturer of your device. If you can't find them, we recommend reaching out to your rep or the company or not using that device. 

Certain areas of the face tend to be fleshier, whereas others have thinner, delicate skin. Be careful in thinner areas. 

We recommend you always take before and after pictures in addition to going through the informed consent process on your clients and having a signed consent on file. 

We also recommend you do a medical history and avoid anyone on blood thinners or medications/lifestyle that are contraindicated for microneedling.

Below is a breakdown of the microneedling motions for each area of the face that we use in our spas. Your manufacturer should have something like this for your device. 

Face mapping - how to microneedle a face (generally)

1. Between the eyebrows

This area commonly has deep-set wrinkles. Use a small criss-cross motion with your microneedling pen to target this, working in an upward direction only.

Hold the skin between your eyebrows taut and apply even pressure when microneedling.

2. Forehead

Again, use a criss-cross motion using alternate upward strokes. Continue with even pressure; if you have loose skin, make sure to hold it taut.

3. Brow area

Use your free hand to hold the skin taut, gently pulling the peak of your eyebrow outwards. Move the pen in upward motions gently across the brow bone. 

4. Crows feet

Be gentle in this area as the skin is delicate. Use your free hand to hold any loose skin taut. Use outwards motions with your pen that move towards your hairline.

5. Under-eye area

This is a very delicate area; use light pressure, and use lots of serum to avoid the pen dragging. Move the microneedling pen in outward motions that start under the eye and end at the side of the face.

TIP: Always remember to apply Angels and Sages Microneedling Serum to the area that you’re about to needle right before needling.This will help the pen to glide across the skin effortlessly. 

6. Cheeks

Moving on to the fattier area of the cheeks, using your free hand to hold the skin taut,  use cross outwards motions towards the outer sides of your face. 

Then, from the earlobes and up to the cheekbone, use gentle upwards motions with your microneedling pen.

7. Chin

Use criss-cross motions on the fleshy part of the chin.

8. Jawline

Pulling from the bottom of your jaw, gently make upwards strikes towards your cheeks (being careful not to overlap where you’ve previously needled). 

9. Upper lip

In the small fleshy area between your cupid’s bow and nose, gently make upwards motions, then cross sideways motions towards the outsides of your face.

10. Nose

Finally, on the nose, make upward strokes towards the brow/forehead area.

TIP: If there are any areas that you are having trouble reaching, or you feel are too small to do a ‘criss cross’ motion on, you can do small, circular motions with your pen to treat this area (e.g. the sides of the nose, or the crows feet area).