how to sage smudge a house

How To Smudge A House With Sage

Always wanted to Sage, or Smudge your house but unsure how? Today, I'll share with you how to smudge--or energetically clear and spiritually protect your home. 

I have a smudging ceremony that I learned from a Shaman years ago.

I love it, and I'm sure you will too.

I conduct this ceremony twice each year, and I look forward to it each time. I use Palo Santo or Bells or Resins as a monthly "touch up" to this ceremony (more on that later).

This ceremony takes time, so read this all the way through--print it off and when you have the time and the energy, do it then.

You'll need:

A clean house. You'll want the white sage smoke to be able to move freely throughout the space. If it's messy, or stuff is stacked everywhere or shoved under the bed/couch/chairs...well. You get the idea.

An altar, or central command station. It doesn't have to be overly creative or Pinterest worthy. Seriously. You need a clean space in the front center part of your home to set a few things on.

Five white candles. I use 4 votives, (one for each direction) and one Positive Vibes Smudge Candle from Angels and Sages (for your altar). 

At least four clear quartz crystal points. You will need 4 for a one story, 8 for a 2 story..

A smudge feather, fan, or your hand.

Smudge stick and a match, or a lighter.

A smudge shell to put your smoldering sage into as you walk around. I use abalone shells for this.

Some Sea Salt

Florida or other botanical water

A family heirloom

A Tibetan meditation bell , Tingsha other bell or rattle. It doesn't have to be fancy; It just needs to make some noise.

How to perform a house cleansing and smudging ceremony with sage:

Place a white candle and a crystal with the point facing outdoors in one window for each direction, crack or open the windows. This gives the negative energy a place to go. You will keep the windows cracked for 20 mins after you finish the ceremony. Light the candles.

Place a candle and something that means something to you or your family on your table, altar. I use a simple crocheted placement my grandmother made. I loved her, and bringing this item into the ceremony is simple and unique to me. This is where I place the positive vibes candle (shop here). You can use any candle for this. 

Place your tools (salt, sage, bowl, Florida water, fan, bell) near your item and candle and say a prayer to whomever you pray to and ask for assistance cleaning out negative energies to make room for new, uplifting energies.


If you have a 2 story, begin smudging upstairs. 

When you feel ready, begin your work by lighting the sage and allowing it to smolder. Start working around the parameter of the room by tossing a small pinch of salt into each corner.

Then take your sage and -- paying attention to behind and under bookshelves, chairs, in cabinets, etc. begin fanning the smoke into these areas. Don't forget the corners. I find the energy to be the densest here. Almost like old dust in a spot, someone forgot to dust. Work from room to room. Your stick may stop giving off smoke. It's ok, just relight it.

Note: White Sage was originally used to open ceremonies and bring in intelligent spirits of light. This is why you'll feel uplifted after using sage. It's important to finish this ceremony because you need to put something in the space you have cleared.

Continue room to room until you have finished. When finished, extinguish your sage and place on your altar.

Grab your bell and follow the same room to room path you used with the sage. Working from the outer perimeter of the room--ring your bell. Listen in the corners are see if you can hear the tone change. Finish the room by ringing the bell in the middle (my kids love doing this).

At this point--the negative energy should be released. Let's grab the Florida Water and sprinkle it throughout your rooms using the same room-to-room pattern you used with the sage and the bell.

Nope. Not done yet. It's only polite to say a closing prayer and thank God, or the Universe or whoever you align with for helping you and being present in your life.

I close the ceremony with intention. I go room to room and I say out loud exactly what I want in each room. It might look like this:

In my kitchen: My intention for my kitchen is to be a safe place for friends and family to gather and share stories and fantastic meals.

In my bedroom: My plan for my bedroom is to be a place of passion and communication, and restful nights and a place where my kids and husband always feel safe and loved.

You can make this as simple or as complex as you desire. This part is all about you and your dreams and putting those intentions out into the universe for manifestation.

Take a moment and appreciate you, and the work you've just done.

Put away your supplies and feel the energy of your space.

Does it feel better? Are you comfortable?

Happy Smudging!