How To Navigate Stress With Breath

How To Navigate Stress With Breath

You've heard it a million times...

Reduce Stress

Just Breathe.

But it's not always that easy to remember to do, and if you don't know why it's important to take time to breathe--then you will not do it.

Taking care of yourself is so much more than a bath on the weekend. It's an essential component to your health. There are 10 core essentials we follow at Angels and Sages for stress reduction and we believe in them so much, that every single thing we do ties into at least one of them.

In our modern, busy lives we spend a great amount of our days in a quasi stressed state. Shallow breathing. Blood pressure elevated. Food not digesting properly.

Our bodies and brains react to stress in the office exactly the same way as if we were on the Savannah being chased by a lion. To our bodies, stress is stress.

When we take time to breathe deeply, we send an instant signal to our central nervous system to slow down. We can quickly move into states of deep rest and lower heart rate, blood pressure and restore our bodies to natural hormone levels.

A quick exercise to quickly destress in any situation...

The Sweet 16 Yogic Breath.

1. Begin by taking a long, slow, deep breath through your nose--filling your chest cavity from abdomen first as you count to four.


2. Hold your breath to the count of four.


3. Exhale slowly through your nose letting the air from your clavicle area out first the mid chest and finally the the count of four.


4. Pause your breath to the count of four.


Repeat the process four times.