How To Make An Herbal Tisane

How To Make An Herbal Tisane

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A common way to incorporate herbs into your everyday life is by making seasonal and stock teas for every day living. 

Herbal Tea DIY | 

A basic herbal tisane (herbal tea) will require 1 ounce of dried plant matter for each 2 cups of water. 

If using fresh herbs--you will want to double this to 2 ounces botanicals to 2 cups of water for your herbal tea DIY.


Fresh herbs contain more water than dried herbs.

An easy recipe to begin is with a simple single herb to get a taste and feel for the process. My favorite? Mint.

Get Ready

2 Cups Hot Water

French Press or Tea Strainer

2 TBSP or about 7 Fresh Mint Leaves (or other edible plant)

Optional | Lemon, Sugar, Honey, etc. to personal preference



Heat the water and pour into French press or cup.

Place the mint into the water

Cover the infusion. You are creating an herbal preparation, and you don’t want all that plant goodness evaporating.

Let sit for 5-7 minutes.


Add honey, sweetener, etc. to taste


  • If you are using a plant root, you will want to steep for 15-20 minutes.