What Should You Expect During A Facial Appointment?

What Should You Expect During A Facial Appointment?

All spas work a little differently, and every esthetician is unique. Therefore, you can get a wide range of experiences.

When you come in for a facial spa appointment, you can expect a soothing atmosphere designed to help you relax and meet your skincare goals. The spa experience should be all about you.

Most facials (no matter where you go) should have a flow that goes like this: 

Your aesthetician will begin the appointment by discussing your skin goals and existing skin conditions. During your facial, you will also enjoy a face and shoulder massage as a part of the relaxation process. Once your facial is finished, you can expect to leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and with healthier-looking skin

1. Make The Appointment | It’s common for clients to be able to book skincare appointments in a variety of ways: online, in-person, via chat, and by phone. As a client, you should be able to set your appointment most inherently natural way for you. Many spas offer consultations, giving you a chance to take about your needs and meet your skincare therapist before you decide on a plan. 

2. Treatment Set Up and Preparation | Before your visit, your esthetician should begin preparing for your visit. The room should have clean linens, steam towels should be stocked, fresh products should be ready, and all tools and equipment must be clean. 

The ambiance is everything. Your treatment room should smell good (without overpowering) and feel warm and welcoming. Frequently skincare experts will have bed warmers and little extras to help you feel comfortable during your experience. 

3. Client Intake and Consultation | You should be offered a beverage when you arrive. 

How you’re greeted when you enter a space is essential. 

The Client intake is a critical part of your skincare experience. You should have health history forms to complete and forms that ask you about your skincare concerns. These items are necessary for your therapist to get vital information that impacts your unique skincare treatment protocol. Your esthetician should verbally review what you’ve filled out with you before beginning any service. We like to tell our estheticians to grab a mirror and allow the client to show any areas of concern -- so that both parties communicate well before moving on to the next steps. 

After a thorough consultation, they will customize a facial treatment for you using the appropriate cleansing, exfoliation, masking, and moisturizing techniques for your needs. Depending on the type of facial you have booked, your aesthetician may also offer skincare advice and recommend additional services or homecare products to help further improve your skin’s appearance.

4. Skin Analysis | There are many ways to do a skincare analysis. Most spa staff will use a camera or a magnifying lamp. You want this step, and your esthetician should tell you what they see in simple and easy-to-understand language. If they are not -- make sure to get any questions answered.  We recommend our estheticians grab that mirror again and show you what they see (if they are not using our Reveal camera). 

5. Treatment Protocols to Create Experiences | Your skin is unique; therefore, your treatment should be tailored to your needs. Spas have established treatment protocols developed between the spa and the skincare company -- that staff follows to give clients optimal results. Your esthetician can recommend the skincare protocol that will best fit your needs based on the skin analysis. You have the right to agree with or decline the treatment if you feel uncomfortable with it. 

6. During treatments | Each skincare treatment will vary, depending on location. At Angels and Sages, we recommend our collective members:

a. Begin your facial with a pop of aromatherapy to help calm your nervous system  

b. Use warming booties with our barefoot butter while you’re getting your facial as a special touch -- and it leaves your feet soft, too. 

c. Bed warmers are fabulous.

d. Touch is an essential part of any facial; your esthetician should give you a hand, arm, or head and neck massage while your mask works magic. 

Your esthetician should tell you what they are doing to your face while they are doing it. 

Facials can be pretty relaxing, and sometimes we’re tempted to sleep -- but the reality is -- this is a relaxing treatment. You’ll want to know what is happening to your skin and why as you go along because you’ll want to maximize your results with a good homecare routine that compliments the service you are getting. 

6. After Treatment Recommendations | Home care recommendations are essential to optimizing your skin treatment. Your esthetician should have a retail recommendations basket with a prescription sheet - noting how to use products at home. You’ll want this.

7. Rebooking Recommendations | Good estheticians will be booked out at least 2 -3 weeks in advance. Great estheticians will be booked out 6-8 weeks in advance. Because of this, you’ll want to make your next appointment before you leave the spa. 

Getting a last-minute appointment with an esthetician who is good or great at her job is hard. and. That’s the kind of esthetician you want - so honor the relationship, the work you’ve done, and yourself by setting that next appointment before you leave. 

8. Referral & Reviews | It’s common in the beauty world for your therapist to pass out business cards and/or ask for reviews. While you are not obligated to do any of it -- if you’ve had a great time and your skin looks fantastic -- it’s worth considering.