DIY Purifying Bath Ritual

DIY Purifying Bath Ritual

Bath Soak Detox

Sometimes I take my skeletons out of the closet. We dance under twinkling stars… because. I'm not ready to let go.... I believe in acknowledging and embracing what I call the dark journeys–without judgment– even if it’s a small pause in the day.

Enjoy this DIY purifying bath ritual to help ease the burdens of the day. 

What is a dark journey?

That stressful day that lasts more than a day, an unresolved argument, that burden you are carrying that no one knows about, or that one that you just can’t let go.

This list could go on… I feel it critical to take the time to experience our emotions without judgment. To set a time to ruminate while being kind to ourselves and then re-balance in personal ceremony as many times as needed. Bath ritual(s) are a perfect time and place to check in with our thoughts and weigh our emotions in response to moments when we feel less than our best.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know we are even on a dark journey until stress has amplified to the point of snapping or illness. A quick way to recognize it early on is the simple symptom of not taking care of yourself like you usually do. This is a deeply personal entry for me because my ghost soak is symbolic of a bigger issue than just a bad day.

I suffered a trauma, like many of us do — and I found myself ruminating on what if’s and alternate reality scenarios. Once I began–this activity could literally suck up my day. As years passed, this became less frequent, but still happened from time to time.

I decided that I would start dedicating time to the skeleton in the closet. Not ready or unable to totally let it go. That time was my bath– and at the end of the bath ritual -that 20 minutes or so–back in the closet it would go.

Washing it down the drain.

Dena’s ghost soak is crafted as a simple, nurturing, purifying and uplifting celebration of noticing the need to nurture yourself.

It is an aura cleansing and body purifying experience to allow yourself the ability of pause and reset for your mind, body, and spirit.


1/4 Cup Pink or Sea Salt

1/4 Cup Clay (available at most Natural Groceries)

A Relaxing Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil of your choice like Lavender

A few Candles in a relaxing scent

A few crystals or gemstones that resonate with you.

A speaker with access to soft music (I use the Deva Premal station on Pandora)


Grab your wine or water or beverage of your choice.

Begin by closing the door and starting to run the water. This is going to be your time. Hopefully, the kids and pets can respect this space. If not this time, begin to set your boundaries and in time this will become a sacred space for you. Even if it’s only 20 minutes. In my life — with kids and husband and dog.

I have to admit, my first few attempts here was nothing short of a sh*tshow of constant interruptions. The most important thing is that you are taking time to take of you.

Be kind to yourself in this process and get rid of any expectation you might have about how this bath is going to go. Release the burden of an outcome, or if the bath is spotless..or any of that.

Light your candles, set your stones by the tub when your water is full, turn it off.

Pour your blend into the tub, taking the time to distribute the contents through the water.

Notice the smell. The feeling. Are you ready?

Take off your clothes and take 4 deep breaths, in through your nose–out through your mouth. Make the mental intention that is either your time to dance with your skeleton and then release it, or to wash away the issue for the day.

Turn on your music and slip into your tub. Wash, soak, enjoy.

Grab your healing stones.

Look at them.

Notice the shape.

Feel the issue leaving your body–being pulled out by the clay particles and by the stones.

Let the clay pull out the issue, let stones absorb the issue.

Imagine them soaking it up.

When you are ready to finish this bath: Submerge yourself, bringing yourself up from the top of your head first.

Come up slowly as if you are leaving this bath and all the gunk its just pulled off of you behind. Moving from the head to the feet. Toes out last.

When you get out of the tub, take your hands from the top of your head and run them down your pulling off the last of the water and channeling it in the direction of Mother Earth.

Give her any remaining energy from the day. Right through mat and the floor. Imagine it going deep into the core of the planet.

Say a prayer of release and gratitude to the Universe for supporting you.

Take a moment to appreciate the kindness you’ve just shown yourself.

Dry off and moisturize as you normally would, or if you feel compelled to take a quick shower–that’s ok too.

Don’t forget to blow out those candle