stay happy during the holidays

Finding Balance: How to Stay Centered and Nourished This Holiday Season

staying balanced and centered during holidays

Hello Dear Reader,

The holidays are sneaking upon us, just like the pounds on the scale -- if we're not careful! Let's get ready to not only welcome the holiday spirit but also maintain a balanced lifestyle during this time.

Yes, amidst the excess of the season -- the cakes, pies, eggnog, sugar cookies, and bottomless holiday parties. But how to do it? Glad you asked. Here are some fun yet insightful ways to stay centered and nourished this holiday season.

1. ***Seasonal Snoozes:***

Remember, holiday breaks aren't just for frolicking and feasting; they're for recharging too! Amid the bustling schedules and late-night shindigs, remember to prioritize your sleep. Use the extra hours of holiday time to catch up on those winks, ensuring you have the energy to enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

2. ***Delicious Yet Nutritious:***

A holiday without indulging seems criminal. Fortunately, it's possible to revel in the joy of delicious treats without abandoning nutritious eating. How? Create balanced meals with holiday-themed foods. A whole grain pumpkin pancake for breakfast, perhaps? Or maybe a portion-controlled turkey dinner with all the traditional fixings? And who could say no to sugar-free gingerbread cookies? You get to savor the seasonal flavors without abandoning your nutritional goals.

3. ***Festive Fitness Fun:***

Just because it's holiday time, it doesn't mean your fitness routine should take a vacation too. Stay active with fun holiday activities like snowball fights, ice-skating, Christmas light tours on foot, or dance-offs to your favorite holiday music. Keep things exciting and involve the whole family!

4. ***Mindful Merry Making:***

Keeping up with mindfulness is as important as keeping up with your physical wellness. Instead of obsessing over shopping lists and dinner parties, find a few moments for mindful meditation or yoga. Embrace the tranquility amidst the bustling holidays, soaking in the peace that the season can bring.

5. ***Kindness Calendar:***

In the spirit of the season, engage in acts of kindness - to yourself and to others. Plan activities that make you feel good, maybe that’s snuggling up with a good book or watching your favorite movie. Extend this to others as well - send an uplifting message to a friend, offer help to a neighbor, or make a small donation to a charity. Such acts will bring joy to your heart and to those around you.

6. ***Savvy Sipping:***

Let's admit it, it's hard to avoid holiday toasts! But rather than falling down the rabbit hole of endless refills, set boundaries for yourself. Opt for beverages low in sugar or enjoy traditional ones in moderation. Don't forget to hydrate - hot lemon water, herbal tea, and classic H2O are great for keeping hydration levels up!

Remember, the holiday season is about creating memorable moments, not a platform for health stresses or imbalances. It's about joy, laughter, and connection. Balance is the key, dear readers. So, equip yourself with these tools to remain centered and nourished and savor all that this holiday season has to offer!

Happy Holidays!

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