Amethyst Gemstone Benefits

Amethyst Gemstone Benefits

A M E T H Y S T |

Amethyst is a powerful and popular stone in the realm of spirituality. It's also really pretty. 

It is known as a spiritual stone that encourages personal spiritual growth and the development of strong intuition. Amethyst is associated with both spiritual and meditative activities, due to its ability to strengthen your connection with your own inner knowing.

People use amethyst for various spiritual purposes such as prayer, protection, psychic connection and healing. It's even been used to help with mental afflictions ranging from nightmares to alcoholism because of its historical use as a stone to help with the mind. 

Additionally, it can promote an understanding of the spiritual self, a deeper spiritual journey and inner wisdom. This makes amethyst an important and powerful spiritual stone for those who want to move forward in their spiritual growth.

We have a love affair with amethyst in the Bradford house.

I place amethyst crystals next to the kid's bed and let them know that the stone has a secret power to help bring in peaceful dreams and keep nightmares away.

Best part? It's true.

When I do Shamanic/Energy Healing work, I have an amethyst crystal fixed to my feathered fan because an elder once told me that amethyst would become lighter in color in the presence of negative energy. I didn't believe it, but I have noticed this to be true in my personal energetic experiences.

Amethyst is also said to improve mood swings and dispel anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. To help support emotions during periods of sadness and grief and to dissolve negativity.

Why not give it a try and see what Amethyst can do for you?