Acne Facial Protocol

Acne Facial Protocol

Angels and Sages

Skin Care Protocol  | Signature Facial: Acne Prone Skin

We recommend a client intake and review of history prior to beginning any skincare treatment. We also recommend before pictures, and a consent on file. 

Angels and Sages adds a few "extras" to our services like a bit of barefoot butter placed on your client's feet -- and then slide your clients feet into in a nice warming bootie for the duration of the facial (you can get the booties and plastic inserts on Amazon). It adds a nice touch, we also have bed warmers, and do a hand/arm massage while masks are doing magic.  

To start:

  1. Cleanse with the Nectar Cleanser followed by the Pure Cleanser.
  2. Tone the skin by misting the Pure Phyto-Nutrient Mist
  3. Apply a generous layer of Purifying Mask to both face and neck. (Don't forget the neck when doing facials-clients really appreciate this)
  • Use with a steamer or a hot towel compress (unless patient is red or inflamed). Mask should be left on for 10-15 minutes and removed with a warm moist cloth followed with tepid water.
  • Pro Tip: While client is steaming, perform a hydrating hand massage with our barefoot butter. We have found it to be a wonderfully calming massage balm too. 
  1. Apply Replenishing Eye Cream while performing a relaxing eye massage.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the Anti-Inflammatory Serum to the face.
  3. Apply the Calming Serum into the skin; paying special attention to the jaw, cheek bones, temples, and brow line.
  • This is a good time to do a light facial massage while you wait for the product to absorb fully into the skin before applying a moisturizer or facial oil.
  1. Moisturize the skin with the Pure Pomegranate Cream.
  2. Moisturize the lips with Nourish Now Lip Balm.



Facial procedures don’t replace daily skin care and prevention!
Are you selling products you use in your highly beneficial services?

Home care is a key component to client retention and satisfaction.
Clients who leave with at least 2 products are 20%+ more likely to return to you because they will see the benefits of you work.

This creates a relationship of trust (which is what you both deserve).

A minimum starter set-up recommendation for a home anti-aging skincare routine:

+ Pure Cleanser
+ Anti Inflammatory Serum
+ Pure Pomegranate Cream 

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