A Time To Let Go

A Time To Let Go

Apothecary Oklahoam City

Sometimes, self-love includes allowing things to change. To let go. 

Fall is the time to practice getting out of the way, letting go, and allowing God to take charge of our lives.

I have a confession for you. 

Last year, at the end of summer, I began an intentional slowdown with the spa. I let everything fall away. I rented out the spa rooms, and stepped away from supervising any of it. I folded up the foot sanctuary, and consciously stepped back to feel deeply into what and who I wanted to be.

In honesty, the spa model wasn't bringing me joy -- the way it was. I had elements of my dream for my business and also juggled an invention belonging to someone else. Herbalism had no space in it. Typing to pull them together without herbalism was challenging at best. 

Have you ever given too much of yourself energetically for the wrong thing? 

At one point or another, we all have. 

So, I began a Purposeful Pause to reclaim myself in this.

A time to allow a natural course correction. Waiting for a natural flow and taking the gamble that no future flow was also a real possibility. 

As winter approached, we let go of it all and drew down to the bones of the business. A small online presence and that was it. 

Spring emerged, and I sat -- still. I was hoping for an emergence, but none came. I was waiting for fall, waiting to let it all go entirely. 

And warm summer breezes brought whisperings of desire from our community and within—a call to continue. In the way I originally envisioned it.

I spoke with my husband. I spoke with my business partner who runs the medical spa next to us, and in a way of alignment that only the Universe can bring...Longevity will be making shifts in the future to a more holistic model, too. Somehow, it all began to align. Quickly and quietly. 

Pillars began to emerge for Angels and Sages: 

🧿 Pause for Resilience

🌱 Plant Medicine for Functional Wellness

🙏 Mindful Stress Reduction

🩸 Connection to Build Community

💎Education to Empower 

A rebirth is coming as we fully allow the old to fall away. The big foot sanctuary is gone, but a new thing is being cultivated in that space.

We have reimagined the foot sanctuary to a smaller space with a few select soaks to choose from. It's important to create space to recharge.

We've got more coming soon regarding our online shop and brick-and-mortar herbal apothecary offerings, meditations, group events, classes, and more.

So, if you find yourself in a spot this fall -- where you need to let something go. We support you, and we're here with you on the journey. 


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