A Candle Meditation For Love

A Candle Meditation For Love

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Candle meditation has been around since candles were invented; and before that, to oil lamps and all the way back to the first time a human being stared into a fire. Flames can be calming and induce a state of trance, lowering blood pressure and improving mood. 

The practice of a candle meditation for love pretty simple: in short, stare at the candle flame and...

You can sit in any way that is comfortable to you (I do not recommend lying down)

  • Place the candle on a heat proof surface as close to eye level as possible to avoid – or place it on the ground about 3-6 feet away from you where your eyes can naturally see it without struggling to maintain good posture.

  • Candle meditation for love is best done in a relatively dark or dimly lit room, so that it is easy to hold your focus on the flame and maintain a soothing ambiance.

  • Start by getting comfortable and taking a few long, deep breaths to relax; and then bring your attention to the flame. Soften your gaze and … within a few seconds you should start to relax.

  • If you can, imagine the flame as a source of divine love and light. Feel the golden light radiating outward, and penetrating every inch of the room. As it fills the room, allow the love and light to also fill every cell in your body. You are loved.

  • If it helps, cup your hands to help bring the loving energy from the flame to and around and over your body almost like bathing in the warmth.

 Is your mind still racing? Close your eyes.

  • Can you see the flame? Take as many times as needed, being kind to yourself as you try and see the flame in your mind’s eye.

  • As you stare at the hypnotically-flickering flame, your mind will begin its usual wanderings. You might think about things you have to do, problems you are having, physical discomfort and so on.

  • Just redirect your concentration to the flame anytime this happens.

  • Eventually your thoughts will slow, and then fade altogether and you will experience transcendence of thought where you are left with only awareness of the flame.

As an added layer to this --close your eyes and add a mantra , or silent word or phrase as you breathe in and out.

I enjoy and studies have shown a word as simple as ‘love’ on the in and out breaths have dramatic effects on the mind and body.

Listen for love as you inhale and again as you exhale...





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