3 Reasons Why Chemical Peels Are A Must

3 Reasons Why Chemical Peels Are A Must

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One of our beauty services that we are proud to offer at Angels & Sages Spa + Facial Bar is the chemical facial peel. Even if you’re still considering your first trip to a day spa, chances are you know someone who has had a chemical peel. So what are they, and why should every woman try them?

What Are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels use acids, such as lactic acid or fruit acids, to create a controlled exfoliation of the upper skin layers. While cleansers and gentle exfoliants simply remove impurities such as bacteria and excess oil, chemical peels go deeper in order to trigger skin regeneration.

There are several skin complaints that can benefit from chemical peels, including:

1.     Skin Aging

 Wrinkles, sagging, and reduced tissue integrity and function may develop in every woman, but chemical peels are one way to hold it back and restore a more youthful appearance. In fact, they can even work in advanced skin aging. A case study of a 58-year-old woman with visible wrinkling all around her mouth showed a significantly smoother appearance after treatment, making her look at least 10 years younger in just two months.

These benefits appear because the controlled damage of chemical peels stimulates collagen production and cellular regeneration. Thanks to your body’s tendency to over-compensate for relatively mild stress, your skin bounces back better. As aging makes your skin thinner and more fragile, chemical peels’ regenerative effects are preferable to simply removing excess skin through a facelift.

2.     Acne

Chemical peels are a popular treatment for acne, too. It affects up to 90% of teenagers, and may even persist well into adulthood. Thankfully, studies demonstrate dramatic improvements in acne after chemical peel treatments. Salicylic acid-based peels, for example, can give you an overall improvement of 95%, including both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne.

Chemical peels can help clear blackheads and zits by removing bacteria, inflammation, and the build-up of oil and dead skin cells. It is best to use a chemical peel pro-actively, before acne has a chance to cause scarring or pitting, as these issues require other treatment.

3.     Uneven Pigmentation

Uneven deposits of skin pigmentation (melanin) build up as we age or spend many hours in the sun, so you may want a treatment that addresses both wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. Even if you have Asian or Mediterranean skin, you can still develop them if you love going outside or have some North European heritage.

A clinical study involving Chinese women with freckles, which are much less common on olive skin tones, found significant benefit one month after treatment. Almost all of the 896 women had an at least 51% improvement, and the photographs published as examples do not show freckles visible to the naked eye. These results also show that chemical peels are safe for women with olive skin, as you may be concerned about their effects on your normal melanin production.

Chemical Peels We Offer At Angels & Sages Day Spa

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between:

  • Date Night Facial: Our level 1 chemical peel which leaves no visible peeling
  • Level 1 & 2 Chemical Facial Peels: Medical-grade chemical peels with deeper effects
  • Acne Facial Peel: Specifically designed for acne, you can have your face or back treated with our highly effective Face Reality Acne protocol.

Through deep exfoliation, which removes impurities and deposits of uneven pigment while triggering a more youthful level of skin regeneration, chemical peels can have amazing results. If you’re interested in trying one for yourself, click here to book a treatment or ask further questions.

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