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Why Should I Use Vitamin C In My Skincare Routine?

Why Should I Use Vitamin C In My Skincare Routine?

Dear Skincare Enthusiasts,

We're excited to discuss with you a skincare superhero that you’ve probably heard of and maybe already love: vitamin C. It's an ingredient that truly transforms your skin when incorporated in your daily regimen, providing noticeable and fabulous results.

Ask Dena: Why should we use vitamin C in our skincare routine?

Vitamin C, scientifically known as ascorbic acid, is famed for its impressive antioxidant qualities. As one of nature's little wonders, it works wonders in healing the skin, reducing the visibility of aging, and adding that sought-after radiant glow. A superstar in brightening the skin, vitamin C fades dark spots, even out skin tone and enhances the skin’s natural 'sunscreen.'

Its impressive properties are in our much-loved Replenishing Cleanser by Angels and Sages. Designed for the everyday modern angel or sage, the Replenishing Cleanser encompasses simplicity in beauty while embodying an enigmatic allure, just like its loyal users.

Ask Dena: What are the considerations before incorporating vitamin C into my skincare?

Like everything else, moderation is key. A higher concentration doesn’t always promise better results. A 15 to 20 percent concentration is sufficient. You also have to watch your skin for any redness, itching or irritation that could indicate you might have a sensitivity to the ingredient.

A small detail but a very important one: ensure the vitamin C product you purchase is not exposed to light or air as it can break down and lose its potency. Look out for the quality and packing of the product; our Daily C Serum is made from top-quality, natural and organic ingredients and packaged in a special dropper bottle, making sure your serum retains its full potency.

Ask Dena: Are there any skincare ingredients that don’t mix well with vitamin C?

The secret of great skincare often lies in finding the perfect pairing of ingredients. However, with vitamin C, there are a few that may not work well together. For example, combining vitamin C with benzoyl peroxide could oxidize the vitamin C, reducing its antioxidant capability.

Also, pairing it with AHAs or BHA could lead to an overly exfoliated, irritated skin.

But not to worry! This isn't a set-in-stone rule. Everyone's skin is unique. What irritates one person might not bother another. Always patch test before integrating new products into your routine.

Taking the skincare journey, you'd have to weave through endless myths and mysteries. However, what’s not mysterious is how Vitamin C can help your skin look radiant and fresh. You don't need a full roster of skincare products to make your skin healthy, bright, and clear; simple can be beautifully powerful, and we believe that wholeheartedly at Angels and Sages. Here's to finding simplicity in the vast world of skincare and in embracing the spirited mystery that each day brings.

In all your skincare adventures, remember that every sage was once a seeker.

Stay radiant,


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